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David A. Ross, (B.S.B.A., M.A., J.D., LL.M.,) for the past 40 years was a government counterintelligence and anticorruption investigator.  Ross worked in an area of the government where by definition every prosecution was a "government conspiracy" involving murder, bribery, extortion, bank fraud, human trafficking, human rights/war crimes, theft of US military intelligence and defense assets.

To prevent Ross' scheduled testimony in court against the Deep State members, Ross has been held in Finland as a political prisoner by senior ranking officers of the US Government since 11 February 2014. 

This site as been repeatedly hacked. It is fundamentally impossible at this time to maintain the site with accurate information. Will try and start again to republish information that is in the public domain in an accurate manner. 

Dave Ross is a former USA Congressional Investigator, US Treasury Expert Witness and lawyer. Since the early 1980’s, Ross has been assigned to anti corruption and counter intelligence teams. Ross worked in an area where every prosecution was a major government conspiracy involving murder, bribery, extortion, bank fraud, human trafficking, assorted other human rights and war crimes, and theft of US military intelligence and defense assets. Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and the “Maryland Nine” are what law enforcement describe as habitual offenders. 
The “Maryland Nine” are four judges and five of their direct staff. 

On 27 October 2016, Ross filed in the European Court of Human Rights. The case is against Finland for 1) violating Ross’ basic human rights to prevent this prosecution of a child trafficking case and 2) retaliation against Ross for having filed the 18 USC 1591 child sex trafficking charges against senior USA and Finnish Officials. This retaliation on Ross and other members of the prosecution team is the reason that Madam Clinton is seeking election, instead of serving time in jail. This is not about politics as there are many others who can represent the Democratic platform. 

Rescue: In the relevant case, the children that Ross and child protection rescued originated from Russia, Europe and USA. The children were aged three to fifteen. Many reported transiting Finland. The seized documents show a Finnish judge changing the guardianships to facilitate the transit of the children on Finnish passports. The payments between the USA official’s bank accounts to the Finnish judge define the corruption circle. Many of the rescued children were housed in Catholic churches and Mosques. The name given this particular group of children is the Aryan Child Network, though children of all nationalities and races were also rescued.

18 USC 1591(d) Child Sex Trafficking specifically includes pursuant to the UNODC treaty regime that obstruction of justice to prevent the prosecution of a child sex trafficking case is punishable by a term of up to 20 years. The probable cause evidence to arrest includes:
In 2009-2012, Secretary of State Clinton’s office (Criminal Investigation Division) certifies that no child trafficking ring exists, despite Austrian, Belgian and US Police wiretaps upon the Maryland R. Murphy Courthouse and the official’s homes who are employed therein demonstrate the abduction procurement, transportation and harboring of children for commercial child sexual exploitation. 
Austrian police identify Clerk Greenleaf for distributing child pornography. In a subsequent wiretap Greenleaf is found writing from the R. Murphy Courthouse to procure and abduct children for commercial sexual  exploitation. 
o The Court records report: "On approximately one hundred fifty separate dates, Greenleaf and “Beth” e-mailed and/or chatted with each other. On nearly half of those dates, Greenleaf used his computer at the Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building to communicate with “Beth.” … Greenleaf’s and “Beth’s” conversations were “consistently sexually explicit.” For example, Greenleaf asked “Beth” to describe her pubic hair, sexual history, bra size, and whether she was taking birth control. ... Note 2: The record reflects that on March 19, 2010, Greenleaf asked: “Beth, do you want to have sex with me?”  Beth was an undercover police officer inserted so other children did not have to testify. Greenleaf works down the hall from Judge Battaglia despite his assignment to another court. Greenleaf is identified in the plea bargain of Maryland State Police Trooper Murphy. 
Austrian police also identified State Police Trooper Murphy who provided security at the courthouse for distributing child pornography. Murphy often worked for Battaglia. Wiretaps on Police Trooper Murphy’s home revealed the abduction procurement transport and harboring of children to his home to manufacture and distribute child pornography. Police seized from Murphy’s home:
o One set of pictures depicts a testifying twelve-year-old child handcuffed, disrobed, and crying in the bedroom of Murphy’s home. 
o Another set depicts the same child and Murphy’s erection. 
o A third set of pictures depicts the manufacture of child pornography upon the Murphy’s police issued HD camera. Many of these children remained unidentified. 
o A fourth set depict images received from Austria depicting the rape of a five-year-old Crimean child. Belgian Authorities specifically identify the rescue of this child. Belgian Police describe the depiction as the rape of the five-year-old child with a “penis around the female’s vaginal and anal openings.”
o Two rescued children ages six and twelve sought to testify to Murphy abducting, handcuffing, disrobing and photographing them but were unlawfully prevented by the judges’ corruption. (One judge was married to Murphy’s supervisor.)
A third unrelated rescued child identified two of the judges’ direct involvement in the child trafficking operation through the juvenile home.
The judicial reports show the same four judges repeatedly colluding to prevent the lawful prosecution of themselves, their own staff and close political associates from prosecution. Greenleaf and Murphy were given $1.5 million pensions instead of jail. The same four judges also collude on several other previous occasions to similarly prevent child trafficking prosecutions.

Once the foreign and American children arrived in the Washington area and other localities, the FBI and other officials abused the children at will for compelled prostitution, manufacture/
distribution of child pornography and extortion bait. To keep the children from talking many were given drug overdoses or just murdered and left. Others were killed in Nazi era type SS satanic rituals. (Several Nazi War criminals were identified and one was arrested.) The case evidence includes, corpses murdered children, testifying children, depicted child sexual exploitation identifying both officials and children, phone records, credit card receipts, bank records and a stack of false official statements /documents to prevent the prosecution of this sex trafficking ring. 

The NSA and Madam Clinton have no right to prevent this case from coming to court. Contrary to what pedophile Senior National Security Administration Docket Judge Bennett wrote: no one is immune to bribery, extortion, child trafficking and murder charges by reason of their public office. 

The Espionage Case: The child trafficking operation was largely uncovered in the context of the Nation of Islam espionage case. That espionage case involves the delivery of advanced weapon systems and US Military Intelligence often through Finland. The physical delivery of Intel and weapons is often confirmed in criminal convictions of the non-white people, so Madam Clinton and Albright, claiming that such weapons were not found and it didn’t happen is not supportable given those convictions. 

The financial proceeds from the child trafficking, narcotics, bank fraud, and political extortion rackets were used to fund and arm Islamic Militants. We now identify this group collectively ISIS; and in the USA it is identified as the Nation of Islam/Black Guerrilla Family/Black Mafia Family /Dead Man Inc. It also masquerades under large number of other names. Most people with a 4th grade education are not confused, while many on their payrolls with college level degrees form the pretense of separateness between these groups. 

There is a long history of these named officials having engaged in rebranding Nazi War Criminals and Islamic Militant Fighters as Anti Russia, Anti Indian, Anti Serbian, and Anti Chinese operational units to achieve territorial gains for the Islamic State. These fighters threaten the USA and European Constitutional governments.  The “why” in government corruption cases focuses on the officials “money” and “personal power;” never the ideology. They do not care about you. 

Credentials: Ross’ credentials are easily established. 
A decade on the Bar Association’s Anti Corruption Task Force having drafted sections of one of its more cited articles. 
In 1999-2000, the Russian Duma honored Ross by noting his prosecution of corruption cases to protect Russian Children and enforce the delivery of aid to Dagestan’s refugees. 
Ross was one of the first Treasury investigators in the front door of BCCI in support of the covert teams in Tampa and Miami. BCCI is one of the largest world public corruption cases. 
Ross has an LLM and JD from Georgetown, an MA in Economics from Antioch University, a BSBA from American University, and advance training in bioweapons interdiction. (This will become apparent as one looks at the espionage case and types of weapons delivered to the opposing force on the battlefield. Hence, this is also an espionage case.) 

Testimony: Ross’ previous testimony against the following perpetrators in the instant child trafficking case is recorded in the Congressional and judicial records. For example see the Stone case in the brief that lists Battaglia and McDonald and Bennett through his corporate acts as prior defendants in bank fraud, distribution of narcotics, bribery and extortion.   The crimes of each are well described in the Brief.
Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State – bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice to facilitate child, arms and narcotics trafficking. 
Madeleine Albright - Secretary of State – Murder, bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice to facilitate child, arms and narcotics trafficking. 
Janet Reno – Attorney General - Murder, bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice
Judge Bennett - (pedophile) Senior National Security Agency Docket and former US Attorney charged with obstruction of justice.
Judge Battaglia (former Chief of the Department of Justice Criminal Investigation Division) former US Attorney charged with obstruction of justice.
Judge McDonald – (pedophile) Assistant to both Bennett and Battaglia.
Judge Burrell – Nation of Islam activist - Assistant to both Bennett and Battaglia.
Five of their direct staff.
o Several were also identified by additional Austrian, Belgian and US Police wiretaps for having abducted, procured, transported and harbored children for compelled prostitution to manufacture and distribute child pornography. This is exactly a child sex trafficking crime

Many forget that when one swears oath to uphold the Constitution this requires one to be loyal to the Constitution over the ranking corrupted public official. 
o The Finnish perpetrators will be named publically when Finnish Police are ready. It is tied into open cases of murder of another Finnish official and direct violations of the nuclear and biological weapons non-proliferation agreements. These weapons systems were delivered through rogue Finnish officials for bribes. 

Finnish and USA Official Retaliation: On 11 February 2014, Finnish Authorities unlawfully seized Ross’ USA passport on day 89 of a valid 90-day visa. Ross was at a meeting with Finnish police outlining the evidence (on file in relevant courthouses) defining the child trafficking crime, the law and Finnish/international jurisdiction seeking the arrest senior USA and Finnish Officials. 
If Ross DID NOT present probable cause evidence to obtain an arrest, Ross would have been told to have a nice day and not miss the flight out the following day. 
If Ross DID present probable cause evidence, the Finnish Authority would have filed formal reports with local police and Interpol.   Ross would have been able to return home quickly, given the international arrest warrants and Interpol’s supervision of Ross’ protection. Thus the claim for Finland needing to protect Ross is hoax.
Instead the Finnish Authority unlawfully detained Ross for the past 2.5 years without criminal charge, extradition request or any compliance with due process. The Obama Administration and the US Embassy refused to replace Ross’ passport and sought Ross’ forcible delivery to the National Security Agency. 

Suspension of due process: No hearing, no judge, no right to present evidence or witnesses, no translation, and no right to competent counsel. 
Finland’s “process” argument of needing to “protect” Ross first, before a case is filed with local police and Interpol, is a hoax.  Ross, tried to cooperate with this process, hoping that some level of the Finnish Court was not corrupted. Unfortunately the case has now arrived up to this Court of Human Right’s Appeal. 

In July 2014 Finland further retaliated in violation of Article 28 of the Convention and banished Ross from the rest of Europe, to prevent Ross from leaving to meet with UNODC and UNHCR. Thus Ross cannot travel without prior official invitation a virtual impossibility in today’s world. 

Finland cannot simultaneously claim it is protecting its boarders from Ross’ entry and still have possession of Ross’ passport to this day to prevent him from leaving on his own accord. That fails the judicial integrity and honesty requirement. The retention of the passport is to forcibly deliver Ross to the National Security Agency and put this prosecution down to foster the election of Ms. Clinton. 

On 26 September 2016, Finnish Authorities picked the lock of Ross’ flat without warrant, or right given the pendency of a Supreme Court case and Court of Human Rights case in effort to kidnap Ross, drug Ross, and forcibly deliver Ross to Algeria. The police document photographed here is express as to where Ross is to be delivered. Ross and others assume that this is a rogue NSA prison camp given Ross has no other contacts with Algeria. 

Luckily, Ross was not at the flat. Police informed nearly all identified associates of Ross to immediately call police if they see Ross.

The total abdication of due process and obstruction of justice to achieve political outcome is now the norm in Finland. Its outrageous behavior now includes false claim attacks on persons living elsewhere in the world, and locally on police who attempt to stop rampant sex crimes, journalists, and private citizens. 

USA Suspension of Due Process: Several years after Ross testified against Clinton, Albright, Bennett, Battaglia and McDonald, NSA Judge Bennett suspended Ross’ basic civil rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  Bennett writes Ross’ basic civil rights are suspended “even when a litigant alleges that a state has violated federal constitutional principles....”   When Ross attempted to appeal, the profound levels of corruption institutionally present in the 4th Circuit and Supreme Court became readily apparent.  The basic procedure is that Bennett intercepted the case, he first sealed the case for National Security. He then changed the case name to Seal 1 v. Seal 3. Et al.. Bennett then issued it a case number. That means that Ross has no means to access the case through the clerk’s office or electronically. Bennett who is previously named by Ross as a co-defendant in one of the Nation of Islam espionage cases along with McDonald, Battaglia, writes a defense on behalf of his former codefendants and staff, and then blesses his own opinion as a final legal decision. No judge can judge a case where he was a former defendant pedophile in the case.  

Bennett then held the release of his opinion until hours before the expiration of right to file a notice of appeal. The 4th Circuit refused to allow an appeal for failure to file the notice of appeal, claiming notice of the opinion is not a constitutional right. The Clerk of the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court ruled that Ross’ lack of security clearance to access the opinion is not a reason to not include a typed copy of the opinion in the appeal. The Clerk has no such authority to make ruling given that the Chief Justice just appointed Bennett to be the Court’s liaison. 

Where does this end:
The FBI forgot to mention that Secretary of State Clinton’s deleted emails on any one of a number of different email accounts, permit her sending authorization of both visas for the trafficked children to enter the USA and more surprisingly authorize on form DSP-83 up to $14 million in arms sales to any private Ronnie Rebel she likes. The very claim that Ambassador Stevens was claiming when the guerrillas using US supplied arms killed him. This is not the only ranking political assassination discussed here, the body bags of Ross’ team and witnesses who attempted to testify are many. 

Immediate need for Protection and Asylum:
In short, Ross needs immediate political asylum from Finland and the USA given their repudiation of the Convention. The listed attacks on the other members of the prosecution team and several documented physical attacks on Ross make clear the necessity of such request. Ross has already been left physically disabled as a result of one of those attacks to prevent Ross from entering evidence the following business day against Judge McDonald, the Court Clerk Greenleaf at McDonald’s courthouse, and McDonald’s Deputy Hein.  Proof of their involvement is made most clear when parts of the evidence box stolen from Ross’ vehicle is found by law enforcement in McDonald’s and Hein’s possession. Article 28 of the Convention provides a mechanism for many nations to immediately grant Ross such asylum and protectio